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Harman Resort Hotel Sanya is located in the 'big pineapple' comprehensive commercial mall of port city No.1 in Dadonghai tourist area, with IMAX cinema, shopping street, special catering, supermarket and other supporting facilities, which perfectly implant the life style of city people into the happy time of tropical coastal vacation.
Located in the center of Sanya tourism transportation hub, the hotel can take public transportation to and from Phoenix International Airport, EMU station and major scenic spots. In addition, the hotel also has shuttle bus stops to and from Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay (stop duty-free shop and Atlantis).
Sanya is one of the high value net red punch points. You can enjoy the beautiful vacation experience in the boundless pool in the air. The hotel is about 5 minutes' walk away from Dadonghai beach, and provides beach leisure chair, goods storage and other supporting services.
The hotel buffet breakfast has a long meal time (6:30-13:30), making your holiday life more free and free.
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FAQs when booking at Harman Resort Hotel Sanya
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    Harman Resort Hotel Sanya is 15.5km from the airport.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Harman Resort Hotel Sanya?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Harman Resort Hotel Sanya.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Harman Resort Hotel Sanya accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Harman Resort Hotel Sanya?

    Each costs cny138 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Harman Resort Hotel Sanya?

    The room prices is from cny458, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • emerald2005
    I feel happy with my family
  • candytang126
    After living for many times, I found that there were different decoration styles. I like the room this time. I hope I can arrange it next time??
  • nnnnnooo
    Very good service, very good environment
    I'll stay next time
  • panayot666
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's suitable to take the whole family with you. The room can be extra bed and the cost is paid separately
  • birdfu168
    By Dadonghai, the others are second. The only thing to eat is more convenient
  • jingmete
    Sanitation is very poor
    A hotel with high cost performance, where will you go to Sanya in the future
  • e02323018
    Convenient for children
  • youyang1207
    Nice location! Next to the mall is very convenient!
  • larawang
    Clean and tidy, very good service
  • sugar_july
    It's worse than I thought. It's affordable.
  • mjs8101008293
    I'm very satisfied. I've been to Sanya many times, but I've never lived in Dadonghai scenic area. I live in Yalong Bay this time. So I must come to Dadonghai once and stay in this Haman hotel. The bay view room was upgraded to the 12th floor of Haijing room. The scenery is very beautiful and I like it very much. I'll come back next time. No, I'll stay in Haman hotel in the future. Although his family's breakfast varieties are affected by the epidemic, there are still many kinds of breakfast, and I like them very much. By the way, his swimming pool and bar are also very beautiful. I really like his boundless swimming pool.
  • a_109
    I'm very satisfied with the distance between the swimming pool and the beach. I'm very satisfied with the service. I also upgraded the room type for free. I like this hotel very much. Breakfast is very rich
  • tangtang21
    It's a little old, but it's fairly cost-effective. The location is good. There is everything around.
  • lina45
    Yes, there are swimming pools and billiards, and the accommodation is also OK
  • colonel
    There is a parking lot. A few steps away is the beach. The sea view room is particularly comfortable and has a good view
  • xiexy395
    I was very satisfied with a choice. I originally stayed for one night, but later I felt good, so I continued to stay for another night. Breakfast is rich, and lunch and dinner are also good. The swimming pool is very clean. The children like it very much
  • jettwang
    At present, the surrounding restaurants, including hotels, are closed, but you can order in your room. I'm very satisfied.
  • e00230694
    The hotel is very comfortable
  • eagnas
    I like Dadonghai best when staying in Hainan, and Haman best when living in Dadonghai
  • bangbi
    Not bad, it could be better
  • girlling
    Ah, ah, ah
  • tyler_tan
    Very good. I'll stay next time
  • lpower
    Sanitation is very poor
  • mencode
    My God, what's this treasure? The hotel struggled for a long time before coming to Sanya. It's inconvenient to choose Sanya Bay takeout. Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay are too far away. Then it chose Dadonghai and ordered takeout in the urban area. It's also very convenient to go shopping. Don't hesitate! The infinity pool is beautiful! This price has sea view room and boundless swimming pool. It's super cost-effective! The room is also great. I lived with my male friends for two consecutive days. I suggest taking photos in the sea view room. It's super beautiful!
  • jovi1101
    Maybe it's a hotel that arrived in the middle of the night. The service is average. I didn't introduce children's play items, but I upgraded the room type. It's still good
  • dingying1983
    very good! It's also close to the first seafood market. It's convenient to eat. The little brother at the front desk is also very enthusiastic!
  • jennyjin1027
    Quite good
  • e00116008
    The scenery and service were all very good
  • jsxtt
    Hotel location is very convenient, just a few minutes walk to the beach, next to the big pineapple shopping mall. The swimming pool is on the top of the fifth floor. It can bring its own swimming ring and has inflatable equipment. Very cost-effective, highly recommended.
  • salome1007
    The location is very good. The hotel is clean. The sea view room has been upgraded for free. The scenery is good
  • bluelatte
    Before going to Sanya, I saw many netizens recommend Haman. I only booked one night first and went to other places to play. I still stayed in this hotel this day before I left! We are two big and one small, sea view double bed rooms. The hotel has made seamless beds and provided children's dental appliances. There are frozen drinks, coffee and tea in the mini bar! The hotel is very clean, the staff attitude is also very good, I personally recommend it!
  • clong
    It's perfect
  • vinsonTtang
    I made a reservation for my father and relatives. The feedback from my family was very good??
  • paradoxjias
    Good location, many foreigners
  • e05122889
    The location of the hotel is very good?? But when I arrived, I found that there were construction around. My father said that he slept at night and was noisy by the sound of construction. The hotel breakfast was average. The service level of the waiter was not good. There were too many interns and the business was not skilled
  • Xuan Son £ £
    The hotel is nice. It's a little far from the beach
  • lawyerluo
    The room is clean and the service is good
  • gonewind1973
    The scenery is very good, very good
  • ada_yin
    Hotel location is very good, go out is Dadonghai beach, hotel environment and facilities are also very good, comfortable to live, hotel Lin Chaoyan service is also very considerate!
  • Ivanweb
    One of the best hotels in Sanya!
  • baby121314
    It's perfect. Our parent-child room, 598, also includes three meals a day. Breakfast is very rich and there are many choices. You can see the sea on the 17th floor when you lie in bed
  • noelle88
    Hotel is my choice to choose, the final order, very satisfied! To sum up: the hotel is located in the golden area of Dadonghai. It takes 2 minutes to get to the beach from the lobby. There are many supporting facilities nearby. It's very convenient for eating and shopping. Take the elderly and children to travel. We ordered a Deluxe Sea view. The room is very big, the balcony is spacious and clean, and the bathroom supplies in the room are OK. There are baby's bathrobes and toiletries, plastic slippers and bathrobes in the room. You can wear them in the beach swimming pool. Adults and children have them. You don't have to bring them. The boundless sea view swimming pool is very comfortable. Children like it when they lie down at 3:30 every day. Breakfast is very rich, especially a lot of fruit style, very fresh. Hotel staff attitude is very good, especially the front desk Zhang Tianyang, familiar with the business, thoughtful service, very caring, we are very intimate, a good experience in Haman! By the way, the children's paradise on the 5th floor of the hotel must be visited~~~
  • e00152510
    When we make a reservation, we need a high floor. When we arrive at the front desk at 2 o'clock, we say we need a room at 3 o'clock
  • yalaxi
    Breakfast is also very good. It's also very suitable for family travel. It's the first time to stay in such a cost-effective hotel, It's a few minutes' walk to Dadonghai. It's very busy at night. There are many hi bars near the beach. The consumption is not high. After eating seafood, take a walk to the bar and go to the bar for two drinks with the people you love. Moreover, the service attitude of the hotel staff is also very good. It's the first time for a 5-star hotel to live in such a cheap but cost-effective hotel. You'll take your family to stay together next time 。
  • e00344253
    Good breakfast, superior location and high cost performance. But the hotel also has room for improvement. In short, very good
  • LOVE Binger
    The hotel is very clean and the decoration is still very new. This time, the sea view decompression room on the 13th floor is selected. You can see the sea view when lying in bed. Breakfast and children's paradise are also very good. The children like it very much. Facing the sea, the flowers bloom in spring. It's also very close to the first market around. It's probably a little more expensive. Life is very convenient
  • iritadei
    After reading many comments before, I finally made up my mind to choose this hotel. I must have a lot of expectations in my heart! First of all, it's next to the shopping mall. It's very good. I went to big pineapple for almost three or four days. Then the bar by the sea is very close. It's very convenient! But there are two points to make complaints about. First of all, in the parent-child activities, it seems that they are divided into Chinese and Russian by their employees. When they go in as Chinese faces, they can only get the general drawing paper. If they go in, they will be very good-looking! I asked the staff, but their attitude was very bad! I suspect that I have crossed into the old society! Another point is that my wife's birthday on New Year's day did not have the little cake surprise in fairy tales. I really doubt whether the birthday surprise in those comments is true! The front desk told me to ask them. I'm speechless! I just think it's very unfair. Why do those people say it's a surprise and I have the cheek to ask them????
  • jooencai
    The hotel is very cost-effective. It is recommended to stay. The geographical location is very superior, it is very convenient to eat, and it is very fun to carry children. It's also close to the beach. Especially great. The diving provided by the hotel is very good.
  • xpress
    Overall OK, I think the breakfast service is a little poor, the children's Park is very good, especially the little sister Hu Xishan, who is very enthusiastic
  • lotlot
    The reservation includes three meals in the morning, noon and evening. It's very cost-effective. The front desk upgraded the room for free. I'm very satisfied. Moreover, the hotel is very close to Dadonghai beach. It's a good hotel for vacation. I'll come back if I have a chance in the future!
  • xujinyuan
    The charges are chaotic and inconsistent with the promised price
  • ada115
    The attitude of the service staff was very good. They basically responded to every request. The hotel was well located, close to the beach, and the parent-child facilities were also perfect. There was an endless swimming pool.
  • e00113805
    Every time I go to Sanya, I choose a hotel
  • e00052448
    Li Xiang at the front desk upgraded the room and the sea view is OK. It's just that there's a wall on the balcony
  • mycooler
    The service was very good
  • biubiu
    Good. The hotel will continue to book next time
  • Anmani
    It is close to the sea and the surrounding facilities are complete.
  • deserry
    Taking the elderly and children to travel, the location of the hotel is very good, eating and traveling are very convenient, downstairs is the big pineapple, the hotel service is also very good, about 12 o'clock to the hotel, to see with the elderly and children, the hotel staff helped us check in in in advance, also considerate put two beds together into a big bed, also don't worry about the children sleep roll out of bed, To the Beach Hotel, there is also a car to Dadonghai square
  • Good Stay
    Very comfortable. Good
  • YamaPG
    I've come to live in Haman for the second time. Thank Angela for helping us make proper arrangements during the vacation. Before I came, Angela kindly introduced the precautions for me to stay during the epidemic period. This time, I'll come with my best friend, next time, I'll bring my parents with me, and I'll be a loyal fan??????
  • alex@
    The breakfast restaurant is large, clean and bright, and rich in Chinese and Western food. The hotel has a boundless game pool, which is connected with the sea from a distance. There are two full-time personnel to guard it. Children love it very much! The hotel is 150 meters away from the seaside. There is a battery car to the Dadonghai Plaza Hotel. It will be there in 1 minute. The hotel has a parking lot. Especially the little sisters at the front desk, the service is super good! I booked a superior balcony room for 11 days and continued for 4 days. The front desk lady helped me apply for a free upgrade to a 180 degree sea view room! It's great to get up every morning and watch the sea view!
  • e01001017
    The hotel is located in Dadonghai scenic area. It's very convenient to eat and shop around. It's five minutes' walk to the seaside. Guests can enjoy beach chairs for free. There are many Russians in the hotel. The buffet breakfast and dinner are good, especially the beach chairs
  • fionaggg
    Very good.
  • Judy.Yue
    The overall facilities are relatively old and mainly receive tourists from Russian channels. Therefore, compared with the mainstream hotels in Sanya, it is less cost-effective to book rooms for Chinese individual guests.
  • dianang
    The swimming pool of the hotel is very good. It's very convenient to eat and travel around. It's very close to the seaside. It's about 10 minutes' walk. There are many kinds of breakfast. It would be better if the food supplement could be more timely.
  • gutaolunlun
    It's really ordinary. I won't live in the future
    Good, good, good
  • lwluo
    Travel with a family. The hotel is divided into areas a and B. area B is on the platform on the fifth floor. You can see the boundless swimming pool. The room layout is good, clean and hygienic, and cost-effective. Thank you very much for your good photography skills. You can find him when you go to the swimming pool to take photos
  • aleer
    The location of the hotel is good. It's only 5 minutes' walk to the beach in Dadonghai. Breakfast is also very good. I'll upgrade the sea view room for free. I'll stay in this hotel next time
  • beinglin55
    The mood of sea view room is different
  • e00819962
    Breakfast is rich, located in the downtown, below the golden pineapple. Shopping and eating are convenient. The front desk service was considerate, proactive and friendly, but the service quality of the room attendant was required to be improved, and the carelessness of the officer affected the prosperity of the hotel.
  • docjiao
    Good check-in experience. I will choose this next time